Interview: With Ferguson at TFMetals

September 2nd 2018:  topics covered include the USDollar’s devastating effect on Emerging Market nations by usage of QE printing press weaponry, the lost USD global currency reserve within context of 80-year cycle in global upheaval, the impact of weaponized USD with negative blowback in workarounds, the illicit beneficiaries of USD printed money in USEconomy & Wall Street & USMilitary, the enhanced surge in Belt & Road Initiative projects in reply to US-led sanctions toward Eurasian Trade Zone development, the critical change zones in Saudi & Turkey & Iran (currency crisis sites) with upcoming introduction of Gold Trade Note for oil payments, the sustained Emerging Market debt with rollover funny money but inevitable upcoming failure of $8 trillion in USD-based debt, the ulterior Trump motives at work in facilitating the Global RESET, the next wave of Chinese banks receiving licenses for operations like Bank of China & ICBC.