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Interviews 2024

Patriot Underground (Mar 15th 2024)

Gold Radio on Howe Street (Mar 15th 2024)

Star Seeds of Freedom (Mar 12th 2024)
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SNAFU Radio (Mar 2nd 2024)

Untold History with Ron Partain (Feb 26th 2024)

Craig Hemke at TFMetals (Feb 17th 2024)

Gold Radio on Howe Street (Feb 15th 2024)

SNAFU Radio (Feb 13th 2024)

Sean at SGT Research (Feb 12th 2024)

William Mount (Feb 11th 2024)
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Phil Swanson at Go Lead Everything (Feb 7th 2024)

Untold History with Ron Partain (Feb 4th 2024)

SNAFU Radio (Feb 2nd 2024)

Patriot Underground (Jan 27th, 29th 2024)

Gold Radio on Howe Street (Jan 18th 2024)

Alpha Warrior (Jan 15th 2024)

Chris Marcus on Arcadia Economics (Jan 4th 2024)
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Interviews 2023

Tamara the former Wall Street banker (December 23rd 2023)

Jean Claude at Beyond Mystic (December 20th 2023)

Gold Radio on Howe Street (December 16th 2023)

SNAFU Radio (December 14th 2023)

Untold History with Ron Partain (December 8th 2023)

Life Liberty with Brock (December 3rd 2023)

Susana of Lites of RoundTable (December 2nd 2023)

Craig Hemke at TFMetals (November 23rd 2023)

Ben Fulford (November 18th 2023)

Gold Radio on Howe Street (November 17th 2023)

Black Swan Capitalist (November 14th 2023)

Untold History with Ron Partain (November 12th 2023)

Patriot Underground (November 9th 2023)

Untold History with Ron (October 23rd 2023)

Chris Marcus on Arcadia Economics (October 18th 2023)
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part 2

SNAFU Radio (October 13th 2023)

Gold Radio on Howe Street (October 12th 2023)

Lights of RoundTable with Susana (October 4th 2023)

Black Swan Capitalist (September 19th 2023)

Life Liberty with NESARA-17 (September 15th 2023)

Gold Radio on Howe Street (September 7th 2023)

Twitter Spaces with Rob Cunningham KUWL (September 4th 2023)

SNAFU Radio (September 2th 2023)

Lord Hemke at TFMetals (September 2nd 2023)

Arcadia Economics with Chris Marcus (August 17th 2023)
part 1
part 2

Gold Radio on Howe Street (August 10th 2023)


Sean SGT Research (August 7th 2023)

Ron at Untold History (July 31st 2023)

SNAFU Radio (July 30th 2023)

The USFed as Bad Bank: Ultimate Irony (July 20th 2023)
Article by Jim Willie CB

Patriot Underground (July 20th 2023)

Gold Radio on Howe Street (July 14th 2023)


RonP at Untold History Channel (July 4th 2023)

Lord Hemke at TFMetals (July 3rd 2023)

SNAFU Radio (June 16th 2023)

Gold Radio on Howe Street (June 14th 2023)

Lisa Rhodes on Question the Narrative (June 6th 2023)

with Kerry Cassidy JC Beyond Mystic (June 3rd 2023)

JC Beyond Mystic (May 26th 2023)

Susana at Lites of Round Table (May 26th 2023)

Patriot Underground (May 25th 2023)

part 2 (June 4th 2023)

Untold History Channel (May 22th 2023)

Gold Radio on Howe Street (May 11th 2023)

Holly at Zoon Politikon (May 9th 2023)

SNAFU Radio (May 4th 2023)
Part 1
Part 2 (after power outage)

Nick Veniamin on NVTVnews (April 28th 2023)

Arcadia Economics with Chris Marcus (April 26th, 27th 2023)
part 1
part 2

Susana at Lites of Round Table (April 25th 2023)

Untold History Channel (April 24th 2023)

Sean SGT Research (April 19th 2023) (SCRUBBED BY CENSORS)

Gold Radio on Howe Street (April 13th 2023)

Holly at Zoon Politikon (April 8th 2023)

TFMetals with Lord Hemke (April 7th 2023)

Untold History Channel (April 2nd 2023, go to 27min mark)

Life Liberty Pursue Happiness with NESARA-17 (March 31st 2023)

Patriot Underground (March 30th 2023)

Untold History Channel (March 17th 2023)

Gold Radio on Howe Street (March 16th 2023)

Jean Claude at Beyond Mystic (March 14th 2023)

Holly at Zoon Politikon (March 8th 2023)

Arcadia Economics with Chris Marcus (February 28th 2023)
Part 1/2
Part 2/2

Untold History Channel with other guest Dr Mark-SQ (February 26th 2023)

Jean Claude from Beyond Mystic (February 24th 2023)
Beware: Pay Per View

Sean SGT Research (February 23th 2023)

Gold Radio on Howe Street (February 16th 2023)

SNAFU Radio (February 14th 2023)
Short 15-min teaser
Full show

Holly at Zoon Politikon (February 10th 2023)

SNAFU Radio with Scott Richardson (January 8th 2023)

Patriot Underground (January 7th 2023)

Gold Radio on Howe Street (January 6th 2023)

Interviews 2020/2022

TFMetals with Lord Hemke (December 31st 2022)

Untold History Channel with other guest Dr Mark-SQ (December 23rd 2022)

Gold Radio on Howe Street (December 1st 2022)

Patriot Underground (November 29th 2022)

SNAFU Radio with Scott Richardson (November 29th 2022)

Jean Claude from Beyond Mystic (November 29th 2022)
(Coming soon)

Untold History Channel (November 23rd 2022)

LiteCoin Lisa (November 13th 2022)

Gold Radio on Howe Street (November 3rd 2022)

Nino Rodriguez (October 15th 2022)

Mike Adams the Health Ranger (October 10th 2022)

Patriot Underground (October 5th 2022)



Untold History Channel (October 2nd 2022)

Gold Radio on Howe Street (September 29th 2022)


TFMetals with Lord Hemke (September 9th 2022)

Untold History Channel (September 4th 2022)

Gold Radio on Howe Street (August 25th 2022)


Holly on Zoon Politikon (August 15th 2022)

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Gold Radio on Howe Street (July 28th 2022)


Patriot Underground (July 16th 2022)

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Citizen XRP (April 30th 2022)

Craig Hemke, aka Lord Hemke, Easter holiday edition (April 15th 2022)

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Citizen XRP (April 12th 2022)

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Sean at SGT Research (March 2nd 2022)

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Ukraine, Vaxxines, Climax of the Cabal

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Stolen Vatican Gold!?! Insurrection Act – PART 1

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Interviews 2020

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Interview: With Chris Marcus at Arcadia Economics

February 27th 2020:

Covered much ground:
Well divided with organization into two parts
Many theories and factors discussed in the first portion
Many news items to be concerned about, which are not in the news
Too much seems suspicious about the entire virus story

The Asian gold price breakouts are discussed in the second portion
The practical result of the supply chain slowdown is falling Asian currencies with that comes rising Gold price
Whether planned or unplanned, the RESET is happening

Article: Asian Virus Backlash: Gold Breakouts

February 26th 2020:

The corona-virus has caused tremendous global interruptions and controversy
put aside the debate and emerging theories
>>>>> instead focus on currencies and Gold price <<<<<
The Asian markets are seeing magnificent Gold price breakouts their currencies are in decline, with a corresponding rise in Gold price.
The Gold/JPYen price is showing a generational reversal in powerful form, even the Gold/USD price is breaking out.
The Gold/EUR price is breaking out.
The Gold/BPound price will break out very soon.
This is a global phenomenon which will continue with endurance.
Eventually the USTreasury Bond safe haven will be shattered.
This could be the year that the COMEX is busted.

Article: Gold Trade Usage & Price Effect

January 19th 2020:

The motives to push the Gold price much higher come from its usage participants nations that forfeit gold in trade settlement will want a high value for their exiting Gold nations that accumulate gold in trade payments will want a high value for their newly acquired Gold whether trade payment usage, or bank reserves management, or investment motivation.

Gold will be price much higher the Belt & Road projects reached an impressive $1.34 trillion in volume for the full year the Gold price is set to go for the $1750 target, the correction having run its course the Silver price is set to go for the $20.50 target, the correction having run its course watch for the shocking pleasant run up to hit the Silver Fibonacci marks near $30, $50, $90.

Interview: With Craig Hemke

December 31st 2019:

Topics covered include the breakdown of the US bond market also President Trump forced to continue the music with plates spinning also the big European banks in severe trouble if not crisis mode lastly the Wall Street hedge fund blowup from Algorithm trading and resulting chaos.

Interview: With Crypto Blood

December 21st 2019:

Long discussion with topics covered from all manner of bond market crisis and activity

Interview: With BitCoin Ben

December 12th 2019:

Topics covered include the REPO window to USTreasury Bond market also the big US banks in severe trouble if not crisis mode where the USFed is accepting all kinds of impaired assets.

Interview: Craig Hemke on Gadfly with Jim Willie as host

December 10th 2019:

Topics covered include the REPO window to USTreasury Bond market also the major Western banks in severe trouble if not crisis mode in addition the Wall Street hedge fund blowup from Algorithm trading with chaos.

Article: "Hidden Failure of SIFI Banks"

November 29th 2019:

Numerous big SIFI banks are in bankruptcy, as this is my opinion, they are Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, HSBC, and JPMorgue, not a single big bank can be permitted to enter failure, or else several will go down together. There is not much difference between a perceived re-ordering and adjustment of the balance sheet with assets and debts versus an actual bankruptcy with debt restructure. I believe the new norm will be hidden big bank failures, these four banks cannot manage their derivative books in a changing world the Petro-Dollar is almost completely gone, and the Bond Crisis has brought new powerful stress the Gold market is possibly entering a deadly final phase from lost corrupt control.

Article: "Plethora of Potential Crisis Triggers"

November 19th 2019:

The entire US financial bond market is a tinderbox ready to catch fire many are the triggers of a full blown global bond crisis. Infinite QE Forever is here, given the astonishing volume of official bond support over a dozen highly reliable and likely trigger events are identified with some already having been ignited. The Gold price will double, and the Silver price will triple… all in time. The bond market is the burning building, and the Gold market is the true sanctuary, con gusto.

Interview: With Chris Marcus

November 15th 2019:

Topics covered include various de-Dollarization matters explanation of the lost control of crude oil market from lower USD usage.

Interview: With Dave from X22 Report Spotlight

November 14th 2019: Topics covered include:

  • possible hidden devastating failures of systemically important financial institutions (SIFI)
  • candidates for hidden failures are JPMorgan, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, HSBC
  • the growing bond market crisis that has erupted
  • daily bond purchases of $250bn which qualifies as Infinite QE Forever in Weimar Amerrka
  • multiple derivative problem areas in Petro-Dollar, Swiss Gold-USD, Interest Rate Swaps
  • he sham ARAMCO stock offering and Russia/Chinese role to take control
  • a debate on the collateral damage from Trump trade war with China

Duration: 1 hour 35 min

Interview: With Sean from SGT Report

October 17th 2019: Topics covered include:

  • bond market crisis in gathering storm
  • USGovt fiscal funding crisis here & now
  • lesson on bond market levers & gears
  • Infinite QE Forever kicking into gear (despite denials & lies)
  • USDollar managers losing control of oil trade
  • second class USMilitary with consequence to defend USDollar
  • numerous potential triggers to cause major financial crisis
  • focus on Bond, USDollar, Gold during the unfolding crisis

Interview: With Dustin Nemos

September 29th 2019: Topics covered include two main themes:

  • the erupting USTreasury Bond market in its many parts, with didactic explanations
  • the developing Gold Standard in its many elements, with emerging progress

Duration: 1 hour 10 min

Interview: With Jeff Berwick (Dollar Vigilante)

September 21st 2019: Topics covered include the following:

  • the string of 15 forecasts coming to reality in the last few months
  • it signals the raging bond market crisis underway with global USDollar revolt
  • the bond market internals which have gone haywire
  • the abuse of REPO function, which means the QE back door in usage
  • the false flag attack on Saudi oil facilities
  • it seems no impact on their oil output either
  • the United States step by step will find itself with a powerful isolation

Duration: 1 hour 20 min

Interview: With Dunagun at Reluctant Preppers

September 13th 2019: Covered topics were the recent 14 forecasts which are all kicking into gear. It means the Bond Market Crisis is accelerating and the main items are Gold Trade Note:

  • Germany flipping East
  • dismantled Petro-Dollar
  • expanding EurAsian Trade Zone with Iran’s role
  • SWIFT alternative transfer systems (non-USD)
  • Infinite QE Forever at Zero Bound
  • US isolation

Duration: 53 min

Article: King Dollar Paradox: Global Reserve

August 30st 2019: topics covered included:

  • the USDollar valuation continues to move higher, but from factors made from a paradox
  • foreign currencies are falling in value versus the USDollar, from a lower bid
  • lower USD volume in trade payment results in less foreign currency demand
  • lower USD volume in the many Belt & Road Initiative projects results in more US isolation
  • lower USD volume in the crude oil market results in a lower oil price plus a counter action in a higher USD value
  • the entire USTreasury Bond market has become a magnificent self-dealing game of corruption
  • the key to comprehending the rising USDollar is found in the global economic recession, in addition to the growing US isolation
  • less volume in USD is bidding for foreign currencies, from a weaker USEconomy and badly damaged foreign economies


Article: Infinite QE Forever at Zero Bound

July 31st 2019: topics covered included:

the USFed is backed into a corner
their tightening policy for the last three years has been a grand failure
the global economy has entering a profound decline
numerous are the unmistakable signals
the bond market crisis has begun to blossom, showing several sides of breakdown
the expectation is for a USFed rate cut and an expansion of bond purchases
my expectation is also for an expansion to monetize failing icon corporations

what comes next is Infinite QE Forever at the Zero Bound Rate
the major central banks will in essence be admitting a tremendous failure
the USFed must act or else a magnificent bond and stock decline could occur
but their action will not fix anything, just buy time
meanwhile, the Gold price will respond very favorably to the monetary policy change
in the last two months, the Gold price has correctly sniffed out the big monetary policy changes

Interview: With Dr William Mount

July 30th 2019: topics covered included:

  • preliminary points on USTreasury auction failures with Primary Bond Dealer distress and Yield Curve inversions, where foreign bond auctions do better since USGovt debt is worse collateral
  • launch of INSTEX payment system between Germany & Iran, soon joined by Russia, a new SWIFT alternative to gather momentum, which will vastly reduce European oil sales in USD terms
  • USFed moving toward Infinite QE Forever with Zero Bound Rates, which the Gold price has sniffed out and will continue to react with a price multiples higher, as the central banks must admit failure of monetary policy
  • multiple global systemic breakdown signals, which force a powerful reaction by central banks, with the QE return and 0% return, recognized by JPMorgan as serious coercion

Duration = 1 hrs total (20 min per part)

Interview: With Dave on X22 Report Spotlight

July 22nd 2019: topics covered include::

  • the USTreasury Bond as global subprime bond amidst a massive bond market crisis which has begun and will not stop until a global crisis erupts much larger than the Lehman crisis
  • the emergence of the Gold Trade Note used both for trade payment and sovereign level credit as guarantor with a gold collateral basis
  • the development of the Belt & Road Initiative whose projects have already produced US$600 billion in trade in the first half 2019
  • the evolution of the Dual Universe with USD vs RMB entrenched as the frontier nations of Germany & Iran & Saudi slug it out with both currencies in trade
  • the difficult position put upon the United States to participate within the Gold trade framework in order to prevent massive import supply shortages

Duration = 1 hrs 20 min total

Interview: With Prudent Mind site

July 8th 2019: topics covered numerous important key factors at work in the ongoing blossoming financial crisis
like these topics:

  • preliminary on 15 correct forecasts from the past 4 years, all coming into reality together
  • Deutsche Bank restructure, insolvency, and breakup with failure in progress
  • derivative risks and dependence upon Interest Rate Swap to finance USGovt debt
  • USTreasury Bond stresses, with huge US Corporate Bond abuses and downgrades
  • recognition of the USTreasury Bond as the new global subprime bond
  • the endangered USD-based oil trade, with shale sector default risk and collapse
  • the INSTEX bank transfer system by Germany to Iran, as an alternative to SWIFT,
    which the French & British joined also in defiance
  • the evolving Dual Universe with East in RMB trade, West in USD trade,
    with newfound frontier friction in Germany, Saudi, Iran, and Venezuela
  • the Gold price potential, and the Silver price potential, as result of Global Financial RESET

Duration = 2 hrs 20 min total

Interview: With Dustin Nemos

June 30rd 2019: topics covered include

  • the US vs China conflict with timing on accords
  • the Dual Universe coming into full view with USD Western sphere pitted against the RMB Eastern sphere, marked by severe battles in the frontier states like Germany, Saudi Arabia, and Iran

Public article: "USDollar Breakdown Begins"

June 16th 2019: The USDollar cannot withstand the high valuation
too much debt, too much missing money, too much bond market chicanery
the United States faces a unique situation of growing isolation amidst sanctions of its allies. The Gold price in USD terms has pierced the important $1400 level, however, the Gold price has broken out in Euro terms, in British Pound terms, in Swiss Franc terms, and very impressively in Australian Dollar terms. The long-awaited Gold bull market is in its first gear, it has finally arrived.

Interview: Interview with Sean on SGT Report

June 21st 2019: topics covered

  • The four pillars of Gold which will sustain the next Gold price breakout, in addition a discussion of the many apparent contradictions with President Trump

Interview: With Mark O'Byrne on GadFly

June 16th 2019: topics covered

  • A rich discussion of the various risks and challenges when owning a bullion vault account (aka digital gold account) with the founder of Gold Core secure vault service

Article: "Gold Standard Coming Into View"

June 16th 2019: topics covered

  • the blossoming bond crisis sets the stage
  • the USGovt debt faces a restructured bankruptcy
  • the Gold Standard has four legs which are effectively becoming apparent
    1. Gold Trade Note
    2. Basel-3 Rule Change
    3. Panda Bonds
    4. Regional Gold Currency 
  • the implementation will occur amidst the Dual Universe (USD vs RMB) the battles on the frontier states will be full of friction and divisiveness

Interview: With Craig Hemke at TFMetals

June 3rd 2019: Brief discussion on the global revolt against the King Dollar

  • with conflict against US enemies and bully tactics against US allies
  •  with mention of numerous hot spots like Deutsche Bank insolvency and stress zones across the political spectrum
  •  the Dual Universe (East-RMB, West-USD) taking firm shape with conflict on the frontier of Germany & Saudi & Iran
  •  as the Pacific Rim develops a gold trade payment system that could be centered upon the Gold Trade Note vehicle
  •  the result of all these developments being an extensive isolation for the United States

Duration: 35 min

Interview: With Silver Doctors

May 31st 2019: Topics covered include

  • the great USTreasury Bond dumping by the major central banks in swap for Gold bullion using closely aligned hidden firms
  • the naturally evolving Dual Universe as the USDollar managers refuse to move quickly into the Global RESET for retiring the USD as reserve currency
  •  the many elements of the Petro-Dollar demise in a process for over three years like Saudi ARAMCO building its Chinese currency ledger in their balance sheet
  •  the burgeoning Belt & Road Initiative with hundreds of projects whose funding might be handled by USTBond dumping (Indirect Exchange) for which all economic activity will be non-USD terms
  •  the Trump Admin trade accord delays with temper tantrums and distractions with accusations all laced with dishonor
  •  the lost trust and prestige for the United States with over a dozen cited shameful ways
  •  the TPX Triumvirate of Trump Putin Xi for managing the RESET transition without a global war which the NeoCon Globalist banker cabal strive toward on numerous fronts

Duration: 1 hour 20 min

Interview: With Dave at X22 Report

May 18th 2019: Several front & center topics pertaining to

  • the Global RESET and the transition with numerous steps toward the implementation of the Gold Standard
  • the many planks to the US-China trade deal, some agreed upon with some not quite ironed out, but the final dates are not set due to the extreme impact to come
  • core elements of Currency Reform (like Plaza Accord) plus the Gold Enforcement Mechanism (doubled Gold price)
  • Mexican analyst HSPrice exposes central bank conversion of USTreasury Bonds to Gold bullion, using private firms, all done off the balance sheet, currently being done!!
  • events reaching POINT OF INFLECTION which will accelerate the change, disruption, and reform of the global financial system
  • the reality for Belt & Road Initiative consortium of projects which will lift toward critical mass the RMB currency in trade payment
  • the North African industrial long-range plan to coordinate with linkage with Southern Europe and external energy supply (Qatar, Iran, Ethiopia)
  • the likely path for a new gold-backed USDollar, with profound fraud initially

Duration: 45 min

Interview: With Mr. Ferguson at TFMetals

April 20th 2019: major theme is four signals that assure the transition from the King Dollar Era to the Gold Standard

  1. massive jump in USGovt debt, massive US Corp Bond decline (fallen angels, debt zombies), and urgency to prevent massive USEconomic fallout, the USFed must adopt Infinite QE Forever.
  2.  the Belt & Road Initiative has incorporated diverse nations with $11 trillion in MOU commitments, to form a global critical mass, which will be non-USD in trade and banking, adopting the Gold Trade Note, soon to be recognized as the Global Economic RESET (minus the English speaking nations in ISOLATION)
  3. the turning by Saudi Arabia toward Russia in production and oil price policy, toward China in sales no longer in USD terms, with ARAMCO investment by R&C duo, complete with vast US seizures of the Saudi USTreasury Bonds.
  4. the Chinese RMB going international with Panda Bonds, trade deals in RMB terms, asset acquisitions, funding by Indirect Exchange for projects, with newly dominant Shanghai oil sales

Duration: 45 min

Interview: With Dustin Nemos

April 19th: topics covered include

  • Primary topic was gradual establishment of Infinite QE Forever by the USFed, so as to cover a large portion of major US Corporate Bonds as they become fallen angels and debt zombies, while the USGovt debt monetization becomes standard policy.
  • The central bank monetary policy to cover pan-US debt will signal to the global community that the King Dollar is on life support, comatose, and facing removal as the global currency reserve.
  • The result will be accelerated adoption of the Gold Standard, first in trade payment, then in bank reserves

Duration: 1 hour

Interview: With SGT Report

April 10th: topics covered include

  • Several key hot buttons in the blossoming global financial crisis which qualify as an armada of black swans unlike anything seen in several years amidst a magnificent departure from the normalcy bias.
  • Next the Basel 3 Rule will lead to even the Western central banks loading up on gold reserves, surely in secrecy and clearly with anti-gold propaganda continuing, with the ultimate plan to execute from the BIS Basel playbook which will result in a Gold price several times higher in order to resolve the primary insolvency for the entire central bank franchise system

An Armada of Black Swans

Interview: With Silver Doctors

March 30th, April 2nd: topics covered include

  • USGovt & USEconomy troubles with deficits and debts make very difficult any pursuit of a gold-backed USDollar for lost gold immediately (e.g. 19,000 tons in first year at $1300 Gold price)
  • the pattern for USGovt to steal gold from wars in order to redeem claims at the New York Fed
  • the likely path toward the Dual Universe with the West under the USD and the East under the RMB currency as path of least resistance
  • the sad state of American public ignorance on most financial matters
  • the currency crisis threat to the King Dollar from chronic monetized purchase of its own debt (see Zimbabwe)
  • the new deadly trend of fallen angels when leading US corporations suffer BBB debt downgrade
  • the upcoming $1 trillion in US corp bond downgrades to junk status
  • the growing Belt & Road Initiative led by China with $11 trillion in commitments toward major projects which when completed will all be non-USD in trade
  • China woos Italy and France with success as it seeks four Italian port facilities

Interview: With Dave at X22 Report Spotlight

March 23rd 2019: Big hot areas which currently present significant risks.

    • Infinite QE Forever that could soon cover impaired US corporate bonds
    • USDollar rejection in global revolt
    • Germany breaking away from US fold and embrace of Russia
    • Description of Gold Trade Note with its function built around Gold-Oil-RMB futures contract in bilateral quarterly settlement
    • Gold Trade Note that could cover Arab oil purchases
    • Longstanding Chinese purchase of Saudi oil in RMB payments
    • RMB becomes a caretaker currency for transition to Gold Standard in form of GTNote
    • The process of dumping USTreasurys in favor of Gold for banking reserves
    • Competition with valid new currency forms in order to guarantee import supply
    • Illegitimate tainted USGovt debt is securitized without assurance of passing audit
    • QE wrecked the entire bond market with inclusion of US corporate bonds
    • Risk of up to $1 trillion in BBB bonds downgraded to junk status
    • USGovt on track for at least $1.3 trillion in deficit this fiscal year
    • US must cover the debt and source the gold and re-industrialize the national economy
    • Indication is for fraudulent gold-backed USDollar
    • New industry potentially in robotics, artificial intelligence, superchips, advanced telecomm
    • Lack of capital puts United States at risk of falling into Third World
    • mass of stock market capital could possibly shift to re-industrialize the USEconomy
    • USA is in a point of flux for implementing remedy
    • USGovt will be challenged for independent audit on its gold reserves
    • Budget deficit is a big fat lie with pro-forma methods with one-off items
    • New financial statement and accounting permitted as fraudulent
    • Quarterly USDept Commerce line items in Industrial Supply & Metals as restitution for Clinton shipping tungsten bars
    • USEconomy set to suffer import supply shortage
    • The USFed could be proved in numerous deeds of criminality
    • The Basel bankers leading the franchise central banks loading up on gold before the price triples
    • Theft of Fort Knox gold by Clinton & Papa Bush using Panama routes
      and much more


Article: Consequences of Lost Global Reserve Status

March 11th 2019: major factors are at work to push the Gold price up.
QE Forever, Shanghai SGE gold market, new Basel gold rules.
The last ten years have created the new global subprime bond — USTreasury Bonds.
A perfect storm has developed with several dangerous sides.
Numerous steps have begun, all in progress, where nothing can stop the procedure.
The global rebellion against the King Dollar has created a Dual Universe.
The East will drive the process, with many disruptive events assured.
Expect Gold Trade Note introduction.
Expect banking system failures, followed by monetization of the big banks.
Expect discharge of USTBonds in banking reserves, in favor of purchased Gold bullion.
Expect battles for global resources and derivative collapse.
The United States must conform to the new reality in an honest legitimate manner, or else face the risk of isolation, perhaps even falling into the Third World.

Article: Gold Breakout: Three Major Factors

February 25th 2019: Gold fundamentals are seeing 3 major factors at work positively. A Gold price breakout is imminent, or else very soon. 1) QE is the internal factor, from a new QE FOREVER to be announced. It is urgently required to avoid a systemic breakdown. 2) SGE is the external factor, from the Shanghai Gold-RMB window. It assures the death of the LBMA gold market and the demise of the USDollar itself. 3) BIS is the systemic factor, from the Basel Plan kicking into gear. It calls for Gold counted as Tier-1 Asset in the banking reserves system. Many details surround each of the 3 major factors. The major central banks are all insolvent after serving as bond buyers of last resort. The Basel Plan calls for a much higher Gold price after significant acquisition by central banks, in order to restore them to health. The QE monetary policy for the last seven years has created a terrible reality: US TREASURY BONDS ARE THE GLOBAL SUBPRIME BOND. The Gold price is looking strong in short-term, intermediate term, and long-term. The Global Financial Crisis grows worse by the month, and it will blossom in a magnificent manner.

Interview: Mark OByrne of Gold Core as Jim Willie’s Gadfly Guest

February 14th 2019:

Introductory topics include Global Financial Crisis redux which has begun to blossom, nothing having been resolved or fixed since 2008,whereby the USTreasury Bond has become the global subprime bond, but while the USDollar has lost its magic power as global safe haven, during the crisis which has hit both the sovereign bond sector and the corporate bond sector, threatening the entire Emerging Market debt which could be $8 or more trillion in size, at the same time rendering most banking systems as insolvent and most financial markets as rigged, during a powerful chronic economic recession primarily hitting the Western world.

O’Byrne goes on to describe the Gold Core business of precious metals purchase and delivery, but with the much bigger side of the business being secure vault service in several global locations, after having made distinctions regarding various locations for their jurisdiction differences.

The recording is within the public domain, as a public service Gadfly promotional segment.

Duration: 50 min.

Interview: Dustin Nemos

January 29th 2019:
Topics covered include:

  • The numerous background elements in the blossoming crisis in bonds & banks
  • Some history of Chinese role in 2007 subprime mortgage bond crisis
  • The growing number of gold platforms, broad-based de-Dollarization
  • Eventual launch of the Gold Trade Note for trade payment (watch Chinese purchase of Arab/Iran oil)
  • The new phenomenon of Belt & Road Initiative construction projects (none in USD terms)
  • Details on the Global Financial Crisis which features the USTreasurys as new global subprime bond (dumped, avoided, used as Indirect Exchange)
  • The various immediate workarounds to bypass USGovt sanctions (growing desperation) which lead to US isolation
  • The Germans leading the charge in SWIFT alternatives
  • Several Third World qualifications for the United States financial status
  • With a concluding topic of vaccination dangers with withheld cancer cures (see GcMAF cure, and Nagalese immune suppressant)

Article: "Top Ten Trends Lead to Gold"

January 14nd 2019: Ten major themes of year 2018 all continue as unresolved. Each feeds into the implementation and adoption of the GOLD STANDARD. The unfolding global financial crisis seeks a true solution. It will be gold. Even Wall Street compromised corrupted hack analysts will begin to talk about gold as a ultimate solution. Numerous platforms have been constructed and filled, all non-USDollar in basis. Nothing has been fixed or resolved since the Lehman failure ten years ago. In fact, all the same corrupt mortgage abuse with enormous errors have been heaped upon the entire global framework. The USTreasury Bond has become the global subprime bond, which begs the Gold solution.The US Bank Stock Index BKX signals the major financial crisis. The Systemic Lehman Event has begun, certain to blossom into something magnificent and historically unprecedented. All roads in 2019 lead to gold, which has numerous arteries at work. The Belt & Road Initiative is the largest peacetime project in modern history.

Interview: With Mr. Ferguson at TFMetals

November 22nd 2018:  topics covered include the breakdown of Deutsche Bank with all the horrific fallout which could serve as the lit fuse for the next Global Financial Crisis, the USGovt deficit enormous problem characterized by current borrowing costs exceeding all tax revenue income that indicates Third World status, the high risk to Wall Street banks from the declining crude oil price whereby the big banks have credit exposure to the suicidal shale sector, the theft of $3 trillion in USTreasury Bonds owned by the Saudis as part of the Petro-Dollar Recycling practice whose assets are locked in the Exchange Stabilization Fund, the rising threat of both a US stock and US bond market severe decline triggered by rising interest rates, and the landmark precedent setting court cases like Monsanto loss (glyphosate & cancer) and like RFKennedy Jr victory against Vaccines (no USGovt efficacy) and like 5G tower victory case in London (installers & radiation), all of which provided open doors for class action lawsuits in the multiple $billions immediately

Interview: With Crypto Jack in London

November 48th 2018, topics covered include:

  • a wide range to describe the general financial breakdown in the global structure
  • plus discussion of the lacking wisdom in buying a home with mortgage nowadays
    • (second powerful market decline coming)/li>
  • discussion of the dangers of vaccines (weakened immune system, cancer fighting mechanisms disabled)
  • the reduced influence of the globalist elites
  • the effects of BREXIT with possible angle to grab Chinese financial business
  • the role that Crypto currencies might play in the financial system, with discussion of rising value potentials for three types
    • (money, functional tokens, gold backed cryptos)

Duration: 1hr (each segment)

Bank Index Signals Bank Failures

In 2007 and 2008, the big alarm signals were the Fannie Mae stock 90% decline, and the Lehman Brothers CDSwap rate rise by 5-fold. In today’s age, the signals are many, like the USTreasury TNX bond yield over 3.0% and rising, like the USGovt borrowing costs exceeding the total tax income (!!!), like the launch of the Petro-Yuan contract in Shanghai (the dagger in the Petro-Dollar heart), like the insanely broad major central bank financial market support (extended to stocks, corporate bonds, and crude oil), like the Emerging Market debt bust, with over $9 trillion on the line. But the focus here is on the Big US Bank Stock Index (BKX) breakdown, confirmed by the comedown in the crude oil price. The entire Wall Street banks are highly vulnerable to the oil price due to shale sector exposure. It signals the death of one or two major US banks. It signals the acceleration of the Systemic Lehman Event. The historical event will feature a global financial crisis an order of magnitude larger in scope than in 2008. It will feature sovereign bond defaults and entire national banking system collapses. THE GLOBAL POSTER BOY SUBPRIME BOND IS THE USTREASURY BOND. The safe haven this time around will not be bonds, but rather Gold.

Interview: With V Guerrilla at Rogue News

October 28th 2018, topics covered include:

  • the very strange surreal times we live in with extreme political events and fake news with falsified polls (all out the wazoo)
  • the extremely risky US stock & bond markets with declines in progress (usually never both, but now both)
  • the outflow of these funds surely this round to find the gold destination
  • the challenges for Russia & China to seize control of Saudi Arabia on oil sector function (expect Langley terrorism in vengeance)
  • the deeply fraudulent ARAMCO equity deal which will surely be done in a private deal to avoid full disclosure since the asset is worth only 20% to 30% of its claimed value (giving R&C controlling stakes)
  • the imminent Second Plaza Accord to bring down the USDollar in coordinated manner (last gasp to avoid broad meltdown)
  • the global USTreasury dumping initiative motivated by massive USGovt debts & deficits coupled with lower oil price from energy wars under a cloud of horrible USGovt fascist predatory image (also producer of toxic food)
  • the upcoming USTreasury debt restructure
  • and the climax >>>
    • harbinger signal of USGovt debt servicing costs currently exceeding the entire USGovt tax income (as in the big OOPS) for highly reliable debt failure signal

Duration: 1hr 30min

Article: Fascism Perfect Antidote: The Gold Standard

The fascist state has commandeered the monetary function and the financial sector.
It has also turned the military function into a predatory machine.
Despite their grip, Gold acts as the perfect antidote, administered from the Eastern hands.
In fact, Gold will restore order and honesty within the global financial system.
Many examples are given for the United States in its decayed state, being a champion of fascism in a grand obscenity of a sprawling fascist state.
The Axis of Fascism can be depicted as the United States, the United Kingdom, and Israel.
The TPX triumvirate is in charge of the Global Financial RESET process.
Herein we have Trump Putin and Xi to assure that the Gold Standard is installed without global war.
The Gold Standard will be rolled out in a long organized tactical efficient schedule.
The process has begun, and is not stoppable.

Interview: With Crypto Blood

October 5th 2018: topics covered include

  • the flimsy economic recovery built upon huge debt
  • the debt/GDP ratio going much higher
  • the dark money supporting the stock & bond markets
  • the tightening of money flows to force a systemic scuttle
  • the upcoming failure of bigger Western banks
  • the Everything Bond Bubble which has been deemed the Systemic Lehman Event
  • the falsified economic statistics in jobless rate, inflation rate, and economic growth rate
  • the risks to the crypto currency market with concentrated holdings and the role of functional crypto token
  • (the big winners) as opposed to cash cryptos

Interview: With V Guerrilla at Rogue News

Sept 29th 2018:  topics covered include

  • the sprawling fascist state in the United States with fascist fangs showing in Washington DC on stage
  • the wildfire in the hot spots with currency crises across the globe
  • the game on for President Trump in the clean-up process of the Deep State players after over 30 years of narco-fascist administrations
  • the indications that the United States is currently under martial law
  • the prospects of reconstruction for the USEconomy over the next several years
  • the requirement to avoid a vaporization of the financial system during the transition which constitutes the Global Financial RESET
  • as the King Dollar loses its substantial basis in trade payment and banking reserves
  • the impossible attempts to isolate Russia within the global economy via sanctions since workarounds are vast
  • the JPMorgan role in the silver market with respect to China with an eye on the hidden IRS tax revenue secure stream macro bond and its default in 2005
  • the JPMorgan role in resupplying China for their silver stockpile that was largely depleted during the last 15 years
  • the objective to avoid the world war that the globalists are pushing for
  • the likelihood of a global financial collapse

Article: Global Crisis Hot Spots & Pressure Points

The USFed has caused every financial crisis since the 1980s. Both outsourcing of US industry and QE monetary policy assure more crises. The actual price inflation is over 8%, thus the lie on GDP is over 5%, and therefore the USEconomy is stuck in a 12-year recession. The debt engine is broken, since it takes $5 in new debt to create $1 in economic activity. Except the reality is that the new debt only reduces the impact of endless recession. The Global Financial RESET has already begun with Turkey clean-up and Deutsche Bank rescue. Numerous danger zones and hot spots have cropped up, each a major crisis area on the glorious road to the Gold Standard. It is the inevitable solution, surely to be adopted even by the Basel group of franchise central banks. This time around the entire globe is participating with national breakdowns in the crisis. Call it the Everything Bond Bubble or the Systemic Lehman Event. The Chinese are using very clever financial tactics which include a Debt-Trap Diplomacy game, using USTBonds for extended credit. The Chinese seem to be planning to use the RMB in a caretaker role, intended to move away from the King Dollar while moving toward the Gold Standard.

Interview: With Will Lehr of Perpetual Assets

September 9th 2018:  topics covered include trigger events for the Global RESET like Italian banking bust, Deutsche Bank failure, Turkey banking bust, but not Iran (sturdy workarounds), then also currency crisis as catalyst for sudden Gold Standard usage in Venezuela, Turkey, Iran, even Mexico, Saudi Arabia, as all Emerging Market nations are mired in crippling severe currency crisis, then also a walk down statistical corruption lane on Consumer Price Inflation falsification with its immediate impact of exaggerated GDP economic growth as the USEconomy has endured 12 consecutive years of strong ugly recession, then also bank derivatives generally for hidden multi-$trillion QE support with some 1980s history with mention of Interest Rate Swaps specifically which produce fabricated USTreasury Bond demand during a time when almost no foreign bond buyers are present, then also the America First movement of dismissed US Pentagon Generals who defended the country against the globalist and narco baron attacks, which later become the core Trump support basis cited in his inauguration, then also finally a short summary of political poll bias to argue that US Press polls are absurdly biased with motive

Interview: With Ferguson at TFMetals

September 2nd 2018:  topics covered include the USDollar’s devastating effect on Emerging Market nations by usage of QE printing press weaponry, the lost USD global currency reserve within context of 80-year cycle in global upheaval, the impact of weaponized USD with negative blowback in workarounds, the illicit beneficiaries of USD printed money in USEconomy & Wall Street & USMilitary, the enhanced surge in Belt & Road Initiative projects in reply to US-led sanctions toward Eurasian Trade Zone development, the critical change zones in Saudi & Turkey & Iran (currency crisis sites) with upcoming introduction of Gold Trade Note for oil payments, the sustained Emerging Market debt with rollover funny money but inevitable upcoming failure of $8 trillion in USD-based debt, the ulterior Trump motives at work in facilitating the Global RESET, the next wave of Chinese banks receiving licenses for operations like Bank of China & ICBC.

Interview: With V Guerrilla at Rogue News

August 30th 2018:  topics covered include the universal subprime bond crisis (USTreasurys worst), the expansion of BRICS to include Turkey & Iran, the cornerstone southern role by these two nations in Eurasian Trade Zone, the elite exposed criminals McCain & Biden, the SAP data intelligence violations by Hillary (treason), the effects of NAFTA in job losses to Mexico, the backfire of USGovt sanctions again & again in global USD workarounds (wrecked currency reserve consequence), the coming gold provision by Turkey as broker to the Eurasian Trade Zone (converting Western sovereign bonds), the Belt & Road initiative as USDollar global veto, the Gold Standard as arbiter for fraud avoidance in fair money while freeloader boot

Interview: With Dave Janda at Operation Freedom

August 25th 2018:  Topics covered include the USDollar threatened in global currency reserve status, the three extreme global hot spot events that are on the verge to alter the financial world as we know it, some technical aspects from Fukushima event well known to Asian scientists whose energy shortage impact which assure Japan will turn to join the Eurasian Trade Zone, the major components to the Fascist Western State, the uses of stolen gold and narco funds by the Elite, the essence of fraud with respect to the military and monetary control

Interview: With Dave at X22Report Spotlight

August 4th 2018:  topics covered include the growing awareness by the population that something is not right with fake news network stories turned silly with widespread internet and mainstream censorship with a gathering storm in grassroots economic recession which does not match the official government stories (COGNITIVE DISSONANCE WITHIN REICH ECONOMICS), the massive unemployment during vicious recession called all strong positive growth, the bond market expansion with potential forced pension investment in Special USTreasury Bonds, the elite policy changes from the Euro Central Bank in rainy day fund and Bank For Intl Settlements in concealing debt as hidden defense mechanisms against what they might perceive as the emerging Systemic Lehman Event in a global financial crisis during the climax global breakdown underway, as nothing was resolved since 2008 while all major sovereign bonds have turned subprime and many banking systems in ruins, the gradual installation & implementation of the Gold Standard from the many substantial Eastern endeavors, where the United States must source the gold for a new gold-backed currency with the ongoing concurrent risk from the $600 billion trade deficit, which must be eliminated, or else the USA falls into the Third World from the isolation in reaction to overdone desperate sanctions, including to our own US allied nations like Germany

Interview: With V. Guerrilla at Rogue Money

July 30th 2018: topic covered include Putin hand-off of 160 terabytes of data to Trump with importance, the unsealed indictments using the OMNIBUS Bill, the trade war with backfires as all foreign policy initiatives since 2001 have failed badly, the Nord Stream 2 project with mindless unworkable USGovt sanctions (British Rolls Royce a turbine supplier), the flip of Germany to the eastern superpowers with trade, the German workaround with major corporations setting up Russian subsidiaries, the rise of Frankfurt as a German-based RMB Hub (competitor to London) to serve the Eurasian Trade Zone, the Turkish role in BRICS for potential gold provision in sovereign bond dumping via conversion, the flip of Japanese to the same Eastern Trade Zone, the energy shortage factor as motive for Japan to turn to Russia in natgas provision, and the general demise of Orwell’s Oceania (aka the Western banker cabal)

Article: Gold Standard Requirements & Currency Crisis

July 2018: Three requirements stand as critical in establishing the Gold Standard for the USDollar. They will be extremely difficult to implement and to satisfy. Several giant treasure troves of gold are coming to the fore. They can potentially alter the global financial setting in a significant way. Many hidden battles have been raging for years over their control, complete with murders. The new recent locations of currency crisis bring a greater urgency to the global financial situation. The locations are Venezuela, Turkey, Mexico, Argentina, Iran, and to some extent Russia. The solution is commonly trotted out as a Gold Standard for the currency. The Global Currency RESET has begun, with many sides, all in progress.

Interview: With Will Lehr of Perpetual Assets

June 23rd 2018: topics covered include the dumping of USTreasury Bonds for buying gold bullion by Russia and for buying many global items by China, the collapse of German giant Deutsche Bank integrally tied to the Italian banking system bust, their tight connection to the LTCM 1998 failure which lost the Italian central bank gold (Rickards crime scene & coverup by Draghi), two trigger events to set off the global financial crisis which will release the controlled Gold market (like DBank/ Italy failure plus Gold Trade Note launch in Shanghai), the fraudulent basis for the entire Euro Monetary Union with excuse for Italy to exit (Goldman Sachs fraudulent collusion to evade Maastricht Rules), the upcoming Systemic Lehman event that hits both sovereign bonds and entire banking systems, USGovt tariffs in trade war with ulterior motives in Europe and Korea, with final items on marijuana laws, coerced CNN acquisition by AT&T, and challenges for USDollar in gold backing

Interview: With Chuck Ochelli

June 23rd 2018: topics covered include the dumping of USTreasury Bonds for buying gold bullion by Russia and for buying many global items by China, the collapse of German giant Deutsche Bank integrally tied to the Italian banking system bust, their tight connection to the LTCM 1998 failure which lost the Italian central bank gold (Rickards crime scene & coverup by Draghi), two trigger events to set off the global financial crisis which will release the controlled Gold market (like DBank/ Italy failure plus Gold Trade Note launch in Shanghai), the fraudulent basis for the entire Euro Monetary Union with excuse for Italy to exit (Goldman Sachs fraudulent collusion to evade Maastricht Rules), the upcoming Systemic Lehman event that hits both sovereign bonds and entire banking systems, USGovt tariffs in trade war with ulterior motives in Europe and Korea, with final items on marijuana laws, coerced CNN acquisition by AT&T, and challenges for USDollar in gold backing

Interview: On The Hagmann Show

June 19th 2018:  topics covered included the end of the Petro-Dollar, the abuse of monetary privilege with the global reserve currency to lift the USDollar & US Stocks, the artificial support of the USTreasury Bond complex since the Lehman event, the upcoming Systemic Lehman Event which has begun across the globe, the development of the Eurasian Trade Zone in favor of the Gold Standard, the proliferation of non-USD platforms led by China, the extensive magnificent dumping of USTreasury Bonds by Eastern nations, the Indirect Exchange phenomenon in such bond dumping, and severe damage to the formerly powerful globalists (fascist elite) whose ranks are being badly harmed and thinned out

Interview: With Dave at the X22 Report

June 9th 2018: topics covered the Deutsche Bank and Italian banking system failures with all the extreme consequences like the contagion to the French banks which hold three times as much Italian debt exposure versus German banks,,, the systemic Lehman event which has begun with extreme risks for both sovereign bond defaults and entire banking system failures since nothing has been fixed since 2008 while all sovereign bonds have been converted to subprime under the toxic aegis of major central bank QE policy,,, the non-USDollar trade with expansion & connection for Iran, India, Turkey, China in coordinated Eurasian Trade Zone gold trade while Western central banks are certain to accumulate gold reserves secrecy,,, beware of the Basel uber central banker plan for the major central banks within the franchise system to grow gold reserves before the Gold price rises 10-fold in their recuperation from their current deeply insolvent condition,,, the USGovt elite gold war with shadowy battles to capture gigantic gold hoards as reserves that are hidden and appearing and shuttled and captured and stolen and much more in a massive battle to control the planet earth in financial foundation

Article: Two Key Events Will Unleash Gold

The Global Financial RESET has already begun. Many are the faces of the reset, especially with non-USD platforms. Two key events lie on the imminent horizon which will release the Gold price. A trusted superior reliable source has indicated that two key events are imminent. The Jackass guesses the Deutsche Bank failure with Italian banking system collapse AND the Gold Trade Note introduction with Chinese RMB interchangeability. Expect the banking systems of Germany, France, and Italy all to enter a grand crisis. A list of potential key events is provided. A second list of key disruptive additional events is provided. The QE official monetary policy has been a grand failure, keeping the big banks afloat, but while killing the main tangible economies in the process. The proof lies in the multi-year decline in Money Velocity, amidst supposed stimulus. Meanwhile, a long list of non-USD platforms has been developed for amplified usage. China has led the non-USD procedures, with the Belt & Road Initiative its primary banner.

Interview: With Michelle Holiday at Portf Wealth Global

June 6th 2018:  topics covered include the current status of the USEconomy stuck in a vicious recession for 12 years, the hyper-inflation at work in finance sector, the cannabis legalization for its odd economic effect, the many devices used like GDX (via Goldman Sachs) for gold price suppression, the ugly underbelly for gold mining stocks (e.g. ample executive stock options, marginal mines, stolen mine output in Mexico), the rebellious independent nature of crypto-currencies with distinction versus crypto utility tokens as well as crypto-money (asset backing), the dim influence of the millennials within the USEconomy, the globalist banker cabal in pursuit of GOD (as in Gold & Oil & Drugs)

Interview: With V-Guerrilla & C. J. at Rogue Money

May 31st 2018:  topics covered include the growing US isolation from failed foreign policy, the defiant disobedient reaction by European Union with respect to Russian sanctions and renewed Iran sanctions, the powerful effects to come from the Shanghai Gold-Oil-RMB (GOR) futures contracts for the lost USDollar global monopoly, the growing RMB-based oil contract volume which will surpass the Brent volume, the imminent Saudi oil sales to China in RMB terms, the upcoming launch of the Gold Trade Note atop the GOR contracts, the skein of non-USD platforms to undermine the King Dollar Court with its financial terror, the ARAMCO deal for potential control by China & Russia of Saudi oil production, the actual background of nefarious devious corrupt Jim Rickards, the BRICS Gold Trading Center with likely Turkish role from 1000 years of gold market experience, the dual risk of Deutsche Bank failure combined with the fallout effect of Italian banking system as a key trigger for global breakdown

Interview: With Mr. Ferguson at T. F. Metals Report

May 26th 2018:  topics covered include the Gold-Oil-RMB futures contracts in Shanghai as the most significant disruptive event in finance over the last generation, and its consequences, the dismantling with removal of Petro-Dollar monopoly in trade payments, and its consequences, the imminent failure of Deutsche Bank as derivative center and Saudi gold hideout, and its consequences, the role of Turkey in the gold market which includes Iran workarounds, and its consequences, the dreadful situation in Italy for its banking system with New Lira currency even EU exit potential, and its consequences, the potential for Gold solution in the three major currency crisis centers in Turkey, Italy, and Venezuela

Article: Global RESET Challenge: Ultimate Twist

The USDollar is to lose its global currency reserve status. It will lose its monopoly in global trade payments. Major bank structure changes are coming. Trade imbalances must be reduced by directive. Currency devaluation will be a regular adjustment device. An end to Unipolar geopolitics has already begun. The Gold Standard is arriving in slow gradual unstoppable steps. Gold reserves must be demonstrated by nations. The Dual Universe is becoming an obvious feature in global finance. The development of infra-structure will become a key emphasis. The end of the era of sanctions is near, fast losing their impact, even resulting in increased US isolation. The USGovt has used deeply criminal methods to keep allies in line. Multiple gold prices will soon be posted, the new normal.

Interview: With Chuck Ochelli

May 5th 2018:  topics covered include the crack in the French Govt stability which nears an internal revolt against the cabal prince Macron, the intrigue and failure of the Chinese trade war waged by the inept USGovt which must endure the backlash, the Shanghai Gold-Oil-RMB contracts which sound the death knell for the Petro-Dollar, the drama behind the Chinese urge that Saudi sell oil in RMB terms (dagger in Petro-$ heart), the Turkish role in the BRICS Gold Trading platform which could give birth to the Gold Trade Note, the Iranian role in the Eurasian Trade Zone formation, the role of Exxon with Tillerson no longer at USDept State as they defy the Russian sanctions in Arctic production sites, the Syrian War angles that include the tip-off of the Russians by the French Military and the curious chemical plant destroyed inside Syria by the USMilitary, the Saudi Prince MbSalman on a tour of the United States with likely high jinx coercion afoot, the Russian Rosneft Oil Consortium in its development to replace the vacant OPEC in universal non-USD oil sales by courting numerous OPEC nations

Interview: With C.J. at Rogue Money

April 24th 2018:  topics covered include Iran abandoning the USDollar in trade & commerce & banking with full participation in the Eurasian Trade Zone, with Iran engaged with Chinese barter but also with Russian oil sales for funding liquidity, the OPEC situation of moribund status, the ARAMCO deal with hidden angles with respect to China, the Shanghai Gold-Oil-RMB contract as the death knell for the Petro-Dollar (the most significant financial market event in a generation), the Saudi oil purchases to China in RMB terms as the dagger in the Petro-Dollar heart, the imminent next subprime bond crisis but much broader in scope of damage (Systemic Lehman Event) as it reaches sovereign bonds and entire national banking systems, the expectation being that Italy to be the site of global breakdown with lit fuse, pressure points to watch in USGovt debt, German relations with Russia, Saudi-China connection, Iran expanding links to Eurasian Trade Zone, and Gold market divided global prices

Interview: With Elijah Johnson at Silver Doctor

April 21st 2018:  topics covered the most significant financial event in a generation, the launch of the Gold-Oil-RMB futures contract in Shanghai China, the gradual move toward Saudis selling oil in RMB terms, the Chinese investment of RMB inside the Saudi Economy in its development, the path of the Chinese Yuan and valuation issues with expectations of eventual gold linkage with the Yuan currency, the Chinese march away from the USD Sphere with Belt & Road Initiative projects worth $8 trillion outside the USD framework coupled with non-USD platforms like the AIIBank, the Russian vulnerable situation with their Ruble currency easily fortified by gold huge reserves, the potential launch of a Russian gold-backed crypto money, the potential of a Gold Trade Note with a 1000 ton placement of gold, along with more discussion of personal investments in silver bars, and the Eurasian Trade Zone establishment and development which goes contrary to the George Orwell futuristic view (not in the US press), with conclusion that the Shanghai GOR futures being the death knell for the Petro-Dollar and the Saudi oil sales in RMB terms being the dagger in the Petro-Dollar’s heart

Article: Longstanding Chinese War: Intrigue & Betrayal

The trade war with China has roots going back at least to the 1990 decade. It has been financial in nature in the past, only recently in trade & commerce. Note the tungsten laced gold bars sent to Hong Kong banks. Note the Hong Kong independence with FDI investment promised to China. Note the US gold lease with China, reneged upon in 2005. Note the hidden unraveling of the Vatican lord. Note the Chinese property confiscations, seen in JPMorgan HQ. Note the Chinese dumping of Fannie Mae bonds, beginning in 2005. Note the quick consequence of the Lehman failure and subprime bond crisis. Note the Chinese dumping long-term USTreasurys. Note the construction of the vast array of non-USD platforms and channels. Note the death knell for the Petro-Dollar. Witness the gradual emergence of the Gold Standard, arising from the East.

Interview: With Kate Dalley

April 8th 2018:  topics covered include the global rebellion against the USDollar for its monopoly in trade payment as well as bank reserves, the non-USD platforms in global finance, the dead OPEC cartel, the new Russian Rosneft Oil Consortium (based not in USD), the direct backfire with failure in every single USGovt foreign policy since 2001, the bank heist at the World Trade Center, the trade war with China which began in 2005, the sequence of events since 1999 with China on the Hong Kong regional conversion with USGovt gold lease reneged upon followed by massive dumping for Fannie Mae bonds which resulted in the Lehman failure and Chinese confiscation of the JPMorgan HQ property with mixed USFed monetary policy like Operation Twist, the absent gold reserves for the USGovt all stolen by Bush & Clinton & Rubin, the non-starter of a gold-backed new USDollar which requires US re-industrialization, the wise strategy to sell stocks & bonds followed by buying Gold & Silver coins & bars (as in sell high, buy low), the fast growth in the Belt & Oil Initiative based in $8 trillion of projects all outside the USDollar, the vengeance in trade tariffs where the US corporations lose out on canceled large deals, ending with international disgust for the USGovt uncontrollable debt and improper trade deficit funded by printed USDollars

Interview: Mr. Ferguson at T. F. Metals Report

March 30th 2018: topics covered within the Question & Answer format included the Petro-Yuan with Saudi upcoming role in RMB oil sales, the powerful Russian Rosneft Oil Consortium for wrecking the broken OPEC cartel, the USDollar declining path with derivative effect in breakdown smoke, the bond market distress from huge deficits & foreign dumping & failed auctions & huge bank leverage, the US trade deficit with ideas on effect & elimination, the general ex-patriot risk in foreign countries, how North Korea is a grand distraction of no value, the real nature of the Global Financial RESET being the installation of the Gold Standard, the Russian Silver Ruble with thoughts, and the large volume Gold purchase challenges

Interview: With V-Guerrilla on Rogue Money

March 28th 2018: topics included the new Petro-Yuan contract out of Shanghai with implications toward the undermine of the King Dollar and the spread of the Gold Standard, the attacks on the Petro-Dollar with Saudi involvement (Chinese oil sales in RMB terms) in working away from the USDollar in monopoly status, the introduction of the Gold Trade Note built atop the Shanghai Gold-Oil contract, the eclipse of OPEC (dead cartel) by the Russian Rosneft Oil Consortium to sustain non-USD oil sales, the trade war waged by the USGovt with the principal victim being the USEconomy in backfire, the emergence of the Dual Universe in the USD Sphere versus the RMB Sphere, the pivot countries with Saudi Arabia and Germany turning Eastward, the wondrous feature of dumping USTreasury Bonds in building the gigantic Eurasian Trade Zone for its infra-structure

Article: Chinese Invade Oil Realm: Petro-Dollar Kill

With mega-deals involving Russia & China, the Saudis have ceded control of the oil market. OPEC is dead, and the Russian Rosneft Oil Consortium will take over control. The Chinese have investment in diverse manner in the entire Arab world. They have displaced the US & UK & EU firms to some extent. The Chinese will win the right to purchase Saudi (and Arab) oil in RMB terms. The Petro-Dollar is seeing some important final stages toward its demise. The USDollar will no longer command a global currency reserve monopoly, or a monopoly in trade payments. Some US-based firms are finally getting the foot in the Belt & Road doorway.

Interview: With Elijah Johnson of Silver Doctor

March 16th 2018: question & answer session with items covered in the financial market decline effect on gold, the Chinese reaction to the Global Financial RESET, the risks with benefits of US migration to Central America, the effect on USTBond market from rate hikes, the source of USGovt bond buying being derivatives machinery, the status of Germany’s flipping East after three years of Brussels aggravation, the status of petroleum sales in non-USD terms including the Rosneft factor, the JPMorgan effect with respect to gold and China

March 19th: More on risks to buy precious metals, the updated forecast of the Dual Universe arising, the likely impact of New Scheiss Dollar on mortgage loans, the status of retirement pension funds, the status of the central banks with $9 trillion of toxic sovereign and mortgage bonds, the last stages of the Petro-Dollar, and the prospects to bring jobs back to the USA with pre-requisite of rebuilding US industry

Interview: With Daniel at Future Money Trends

March 12th 2018: primary focus on numerous forecasts for the year 2018 as it unfolds, with the King Dollar losing its primacy as global currency reserve and trade payment standard, the acceptance of the Dual Universe (USD vs RMB), and justification from a central bank perspective that the Gold price must rise significantly due to their colossal pile of toxic bonds on balance sheets

Interview: With Dave at X22Report

March 5th 2018: topics covered include the bond trigger for a financial market decline, the Dual Universe tolerated by the USGovt, the lost USDollar monopoly from debt war & fraud, the lost 0% feeder system to bond derivatives, the risk of rising rates, the change in global confidence in the USD reserve currency status, the acceleration in Chinese RMB-based large scale deals for both infra-structure and energy contracts, the Gold Standard introduction, the lost US allies from abusive control, which leads to the Gold rise solution in order to manage the heavily indebted global financial structures, the solution actually ordered by Basel’s BIS at the central bank hive

Interview: With Mr. Ferguson at T. F. Metals

March 3rd 2018:  topics covered include an introduction into central bank liability with risks, the failed reform since Lehman failed (killed by JPMorgan & Goldman Sachs), the turning of sovereign bonds in to subprime securities, the profound damage to the global economy from an oil price cut in half, its effect on FX reserves globally, the final solution planned by the Bank For Intl Settlements to rescue their cast of corrupt central banks who find themselves deeply insolvent after serving as buyers of last resort for toxic paper, which will result in a Gold price multiples higher to rescue the central bank balance sheets from ruin

Interview: With C.J. at Rogue Money

February 25th 2018:  topics covered include A) the Gold price versus USFed liabilities in the form of bloated toxic balance sheet, with a view toward two points in past history, indicative of much higher Gold price, and B) a developed logical sequence that explains the BIS Basel justification of resolution for the current deep imbalance in the Gold-Oil Ratio with a much higher Gold price, after the USFed violated its banker social pact to hike interest rates in the face of higher oil prices, after derivatives proved a sham to tarnish the Greenspan legacy, after oil producers have sold FX reserves to undermine the USDollar prestige, after the Chinese became a major creditor, with a view toward energy importers (especially those with trade surpluses), whereby a lower oil price is wrecking the global economy, but whereby also a much higher Gold price enables a type of central banker jubilee to cover their debt liabilities, which the global players increasingly regard as unpayable at the doorstep of debt default, while high Gold prices bear no economic consequence in pain

Interview: With Elijah Johnson and Silver Doctor

February 7th 2018: topics covered include A) the recent clamor over the US stock market decline and growing panic, caused during the chronic heretical QE hyper monetary inflation and by illicit stock purchases from the USFed & Wall Street banks and by more illicit stock buybacks from US corporations, whose entire conflagration has followed the lit fuse from rising USTreasury Bond yields to dangerous levels in a global reaction, then B) the recent disruptions from the change of the USFed head post vacated just in time before the crisis hits, just like with Greenspan departing and just like with Bernanke departing, both just in time before the crisis hit in the past, then finally C) the ongoing global rejection of the USDollar regime with widespread USTBond dumping and the growing parade (if not cavalcade) of Eurasian Trade Zone and Belt & Road Initiative projects built atop non-USD platforms, whose collective impact is the sell-off in USTreasury Bonds, namely the very same powerful impact in the lit fuse… a background description is given on the USDept Treasury’s enormous slush fund in the Exchange Stabilization Fund which has size in the multiple $trillions and which has a function in financial rigging of every major Western market, and whose core might be $3 to $5 trillion worth of Saudi recycled petro surpluses, with primary function being the fabrication of fake USTreasury Bond demand via the Interest Rate Swap derivative machinery during the absent foreign bond demand

Article: USTreasury Bonds: Fuse to Light the Bonfire

The fuse is the rising yield on long-term USTreasury Bonds. The bonfire is composed of paper assets, given false high valuations, in the stock and bond markets. The TNX target from the larger Head & Shoulders reversal pattern is between 3.4% and 4.0%. It has been a reliable pattern in the past. The sudden rise in bond yields will pinprick the US Stock market. The QE experiment will end in a new disaster. The upcoming crisis will feature a decline in stocks, bonds, and the USDollar currency, all three, which has not happened since 1986. To do Quantitative Tightening after six years of unsterilized bond monetization is insane. To add stocks and crude oil to the control room agenda, even to rig the market internal indexes like VIX, is doubly insane. The Jackass has been calling the upcoming crisis the Systemic Lehman Event. It has numerous warning signals, led by the TNX yield that is moving toward the 3.0% level. When it reaches 3.0%, the major alarm bells will go off. The unresolvable USGovt debt situation is dire. The expanding US trade gap is dire. The global USTreasury rejection is dire. Waging predatory wars on the USD credit card is dire. The unstoppable relentless Eurasian Trade Zone adoption of the Gold Standard is dire. The King Dollar and its long reign of terror is coming to a gradual phase-out end, which extreme risks raised.

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