Article: Silver as a Strategic Metal and Why Prices Will Soar

January 16th 2018: Silver is truly unique as a metal, thus making it a key strategic metal. Significant monetary abuse has occurred for seven years with QE unsterilized monetization of USGovt debt. The meters are broken, as the Money Velocity is down sharply from the financial stimulus and capital destruction within the tangible economy. Numerous fractures and rebellion have become the norm, as the community of nations works to avoid the King Dollar. The Shanghai RMB-Oil-Gold triangle contracts will lead traffic away from the Petro-Dollar. Next come the Gold Trade Note for trade payment method, to supplant the USTBill in the Eastern Hemisphere, and broadbased dumping of USTreasury Bonds with national banking systems, to make room for the RMB-based bonds and Gold bullion, starting with the German Bundesbank. The Gold Standard is coming into view, with sharply higher precious metals prices. The United States is a minor silver producer, having lost control of this market, operating with no stockpile. The USGovt has had no official silver sales for several years. The Silver Scrap supply has vanished within the silver market, the margin gone, an important indicator. Big revolutionary developments are coming to the energy sector. Refer to electric fields, its lone isotope, harmonic frequencies, super conductivity, and associated electricity production. Gold has no known isotopes, but silver has one, a lone isotope which makes it extremely valuable. The next generation of energy systems will feature silver at the core for its special characteristics. Refer to Silver is a unique metal, whose brothers on the periodic table column include gold and copper also, both unique in their own respect.