Here you get a complete list of forecasts (including the dates they were first made) made by Jim Willie. You can see the forecasts that have happened, the forecasts that were wrong and finally the forecasts that are still in progress (pending).

Completed forecasts including the dates they were first made

  1. 2007 the Demise of Fannie Mae and Lehman Brothers
  2. 2005 & 2006 the Housing Market Bust
  3. 2005 & 2006 the Mortgage Market Bust
  4. 2005 the advent of Reverse Mortgages for US Homeowner income
  5. 2006 the Insolvent US Banking System, from Mortgage & Economic Bust
  6. 2007 China from Trade Partner to Adversary to Trade War Opponent
  7. 2010 the Dubai Credit Bust
  8. autumn 2010 the Southern Europe Sovereign Debt Bust
  9. late 2008 the USFed Move Down to Zero Percent, after Systemic Busts
  10. mid-2009 the Dismissal of Green Shoots in USEconomic Recovery
  11. 2009 the Zero Rate Policy Forever (ZIRP Forever, no Exit Strategy)
  12. early 2009, the Sharp USTreasury Yield Rise due to $1 Trillion USGovt Debt (XXX -- WRONG)
  13. 2009 the Repeated USGovt Deficits Chronically over $1 Trillion
  14. 2009 the Introduction of the Nordic Euro Currency as German Core Splits (XXX??? -- APPARENTLY WRONG, MAYBE JUST SLOW TO OCCUR)
  15. 2009 the USFed Bond Monetization Launch, aka Quantitative Easing
  16. 2011 the Bond Monetization ad Infinitum, aka QE to Infinity
  17. March 2011 the Japanese Yen Currency Rise to 125 After Earthquake & Fukushima Event
  18. 2012 the Rising Global Cost Structure & Capital Destruction from QE
  19. 2011 the Divergence Between COMEX versus Physical Gold Price
  20. 2011 the Irrelevance of Group of 8 (G-8) and Ascendance of G-20 Nations
  21. May 2012 the Rally in USTreasurys after London Whale Exposure by JPMorguen
  22. 2011 the murder of Mid-level Bankers (not VPs, but know too much)
  23. 2012 the USGovt Confiscation of Pension Funds (in steps)
  24. 2007 the Mexican Failed State (from PEMEX decline, drug cartel rise)

Forecasts in progress, still pending

  1. 2012 the Fall of the House of Saud, the End of Saudi Arabian Regime (happening)
  2. 2010 the Death of Petro-Dollar, the USMilitary Displaced in Persian Gulf (happening)
  3. July 2013 the Global Dumping of USTreasury Bonds, the Return to Sender, Broad-based Indirect Exchange (happening)
  4. July 2013 the Three Big Banks at Failure Risk -- Barclays, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank (happening)
  5. 2007 the United States Falls into De-Industrialized Third World (happening)
  6. mid-2012 the Split of USDollar into Trashed Domestic Version and Intact International Version
  7. 2012 the Arrival of Gold Trade Settlement with Intermediary (happening)
  8. summer 2013 the Metamorphosis of BRICS Bank into Gold Trade Central Bank
  9. 2011 the Impact to USEconomy from Global USDollar Rejection with Price Inflation & Supply Shortage
  10. 2008 (since Lehman failure) the USGovt Debt Default & Restructure under USMilitary Escort
  11. August 2013 the Move above 3.0% in USTreasury 10-year Bond
  12. 2012 the Increased Isolation for United States on Global Basis (happening)
  13. July 2013 the USFed to Begin Monetization of Municipal Bonds
  14. Dec 2013 the Swiss Franc rise by 30% with End of Euro Peg
  15. March 2014 the Russian Demand for Gold in Oil Payments, together with China Demanding to Pay in Yuan for Oil Shipments, as well as Saudi Arabia Permitting non-USDollar Payments for Oil Purchases