November 18th 2018 – Interview: With Crypto Jack in London

Interview: With Crypto Jack in London November 18th 2018, topics covered include: a wide range to describe the general financial breakdown in the global structure plus discussion of the lacking wisdom in buying a home with mortgage nowadays (second powerful market decline coming)/li> discussion of the dangers of vaccines (weakened immune system, cancer fighting mechanisms

October 14th 2018 – Article – Fascism Perfect Antidote: The Gold Standard

Article: Fascism Perfect Antidote: The Gold Standard The fascist state has commandeered the monetary function and the financial sector. It has also turned the military function into a predatory machine. Despite their grip, Gold acts as the perfect antidote, administered from the Eastern hands. In fact, Gold will restore order and honesty within the global

September 9th 2018 – Interview – With Will Lehr of Perpetual Assets

Interview: With Will Lehr of Perpetual Assets September 9th 2018:  topics covered include trigger events for the Global RESET like Italian banking bust, Deutsche Bank failure, Turkey banking bust, but not Iran (sturdy workarounds), then also currency crisis as catalyst for sudden Gold Standard usage in Venezuela, Turkey, Iran, even Mexico, Saudi Arabia, as all

September 2nd 2018 – Interview – With Ferguson at TFMetals

Interview: With Ferguson at TFMetals September 2nd 2018:  topics covered include the USDollar’s devastating effect on Emerging Market nations by usage of QE printing press weaponry, the lost USD global currency reserve within context of 80-year cycle in global upheaval, the impact of weaponized USD with negative blowback in workarounds, the illicit beneficiaries of USD