Interview: With V Guerrilla at Rogue News

October 28th 2018, topics covered include:

  • the very strange surreal times we live in with extreme political events and fake news with falsified polls (all out the wazoo)
  • the extremely risky US stock & bond markets with declines in progress (usually never both, but now both)
  • the outflow of these funds surely this round to find the gold destination
  • the challenges for Russia & China to seize control of Saudi Arabia on oil sector function (expect Langley terrorism in vengeance)
  • the deeply fraudulent ARAMCO equity deal which will surely be done in a private deal to avoid full disclosure since the asset is worth only 20% to 30% of its claimed value (giving R&C controlling stakes)
  • the imminent Second Plaza Accord to bring down the USDollar in coordinated manner (last gasp to avoid broad meltdown)
  • the global USTreasury dumping initiative motivated by massive USGovt debts & deficits coupled with lower oil price from energy wars under a cloud of horrible USGovt fascist predatory image (also producer of toxic food)
  • the upcoming USTreasury debt restructure
  • and the climax >>>
    • harbinger signal of USGovt debt servicing costs currently exceeding the entire USGovt tax income (as in the big OOPS) for highly reliable debt failure signal

Duration: 1hr 30min