Interview: With C. J. of Rogue Money

December 22nd 2017:  topics covered include the Petro-Yuan launch out of Shanghai with vast implications like completion of the RMB-Oil-Gold triangle and foundation for the Gold Trade Note used in crude oil market, the gradual displacement of the Petro-Dollar and the phased end to the Dollar global reserve currency status, implications toward pressures to launch the New Scheiss Dollar currency to guarantee uninterrupted supply chains to the USEconomy, the vast influence of Russia & China in the geopolitical events like Syria and Saudi Arabia and Iran in neutralizing (even surpassing) the US power game, the financial sector outlook for the new year 2018 with many non-USD platforms finally coming into place which will force significant changes, some comments on the EU disintegration with focal points in Italy (broken banking system) and Germany (objection to sanctions), and the attacks on humanity with respect to health regarding obesity/ diabetes as well as risks from laced vaccines and chemtrails and GMO foods