Interview: With V Guerrilla at Rogue News

September 29th 2018: topics covered include

  • the sprawling fascist state in the United States with fascist fangs showing in Washington DC on stage
  • the wildfire in the hot spots with currency crises across the globe
  • the game on for President Trump in the clean-up process of the Deep State players after over 30 years of narco-fascist administrations
  • the indications that the United States is currently under martial law
  • the prospects of reconstruction for the USEconomy over the next several years
  • the requirement to avoid a vaporization of the financial system during the transition which constitutes the Global Financial RESET
  • as the King Dollar loses its substantial basis in trade payment and banking reserves
  • the impossible attempts to isolate Russia within the global economy via sanctions since workarounds are vast
  • the JPMorgan role in the silver market with respect to China with an eye on the hidden IRS tax revenue secure stream macro bond and its default in 2005
  • the JPMorgan role in resupplying China for their silver stockpile that was largely depleted during the last 15 years
  • the objective to avoid the world war that the globalists are pushing for
  • the likelihood of a global financial collapse