Interview: With Plane Truth of Time Monk Radio

November 17th 2017:  topics covered include the Global Paradigm Shift of financial insolvency and debt saturation in the West versus the infra-structure development and non-USD platforms in the East, the three global breakdown elements 1) crumbling Petro-Dollar with diverse ramifications, 2) failing banking system propped by QE hyper inflation, 3) development of Eurasian Trade Zone with One Belt One Road as massive diversion from the USDollar Sphere, the retirement of the Petro-Dollar that leads to quickening of events in the financial structures and geopolitical framework, the slipped power of the USMilitary with vulnerable Aegis system, the US/ Western political factions at work with President Trump versus the Fascist NeoCons, the rise of the Dual Universe (USD vs RMB) to be tolerated by the USGovt finally, the return of German trade ventures with Russia, the potential for European Union breakup with focus on Italy and France, the gold price suppression to crash up against the Gold Trade Note