Interview: With Mike at Rethinking the Dollar

January 8th 2018: Question & Answer session with topics covering the new Scheiss Dollar (factors to force its creation) versus foreign held USDollars (new custodial role for IMF possibly), the crypto currency evolution with black market potential, the future role of standard banks for buying & selling gold, the big new important Eastern non-USD platforms in development with nascent usage toward undermining the USDollar in global trade & commerce, the Iran factor with US hidden role in riots plus its positive relations with European countries (thus more US isolation with Europeans), the MIFID derivative directive with shared channels to Europe within the control center (as in mutually assured destruction), the emerging Petro-Yuan from the RMB-Oil-Gold future contracts in Shanghai with the enormous Petro-Dollar threat (one of the most important financial events in a generation), comments on the Gold-RMB market