Article: Fall of the House of Saud, Finally

The fall of the House of Saud has begun, an inevitable process. It is seen in confiscations, kills, deep debt, desperation, and exposure of war crimes. The USGovt is trying to avert a Saudi-China connection. The future protectors for the Saudi Royals are from the Eastern superpowers, and the future economic development will be from the Eurasian Trade Zone. The internal rivalry will turn to open palace battles with four families among the royals: the Fahd family as former king, the Abdullah family as former king, the Nayef family as former crown prince, the Salman family as stolen crown. The Saudi Kingdom has been primary foundation to the Petro-Dollar for over four decades. With the demise, decay, and dismantle of the Petro-Dollar comes the Saudi collapse. Despite contrary opinions, the Jackass forecast has been steady for its collapse. It will be violent, criminal, treacherous, contagious, and horrible. The Saudi Royals will become victims of their own version of Night of the Long Knives. A strange parallel exists. The MBS from mortgage backed securities wrought a global crisis in 2008. The new MBS as crown prince Mohammed bin Salman will bring a global crisis in 2018.