Article: Fascism Perfect Antidote: The Gold Standard

The fascist state has commandeered the monetary function and the financial sector.
It has also turned the military function into a predatory machine.
Despite their grip, Gold acts as the perfect antidote, administered from the Eastern hands.
In fact, Gold will restore order and honesty within the global financial system.
Many examples are given for the United States in its decayed state, being a champion of fascism in a grand obscenity of a sprawling fascist state.
The Axis of Fascism can be depicted as the United States, the United Kingdom, and Israel.
The TPX triumvirate is in charge of the Global Financial RESET process.
Herein we have Trump Putin and Xi to assure that the Gold Standard is installed without global war.
The Gold Standard will be rolled out in a long organized tactical efficient schedule.
The process has begun, and is not stoppable.