Interview: With Chuck Ochelli

June 23rd 2018: topics covered include the dumping of USTreasury Bonds for buying gold bullion by Russia and for buying many global items by China, the collapse of German giant Deutsche Bank integrally tied to the Italian banking system bust, their tight connection to the LTCM 1998 failure which lost the Italian central bank gold (Rickards crime scene & coverup by Draghi), two trigger events to set off the global financial crisis which will release the controlled Gold market (like DBank/ Italy failure plus Gold Trade Note launch in Shanghai), the fraudulent basis for the entire Euro Monetary Union with excuse for Italy to exit (Goldman Sachs fraudulent collusion to evade Maastricht Rules), the upcoming Systemic Lehman event that hits both sovereign bonds and entire banking systems, USGovt tariffs in trade war with ulterior motives in Europe and Korea, with final items on marijuana laws, coerced CNN acquisition by AT&T, and challenges for USDollar in gold backing