Interview: With V. Guerrilla at Rogue Money

July 30th 2018: topic covered include Putin hand-off of 160 terabytes of data to Trump with importance, the unsealed indictments using the OMNIBUS Bill, the trade war with backfires as all foreign policy initiatives since 2001 have failed badly, the Nord Stream 2 project with mindless unworkable USGovt sanctions (British Rolls Royce a turbine supplier), the flip of Germany to the eastern superpowers with trade, the German workaround with major corporations setting up Russian subsidiaries, the rise of Frankfurt as a German-based RMB Hub (competitor to London) to serve the Eurasian Trade Zone, the Turkish role in BRICS for potential gold provision in sovereign bond dumping via conversion, the flip of Japanese to the same Eastern Trade Zone, the energy shortage factor as motive for Japan to turn to Russia in natgas provision, and the general demise of Orwell’s Oceania (aka the Western banker cabal)