Article: Global Crisis Hot Spots & Pressure Points

The USFed has caused every financial crisis since the 1980s. Both outsourcing of US industry and QE monetary policy assure more crises. The actual price inflation is over 8%, thus the lie on GDP is over 5%, and therefore the USEconomy is stuck in a 12-year recession. The debt engine is broken, since it takes $5 in new debt to create $1 in economic activity. Except the reality is that the new debt only reduces the impact of endless recession. The Global Financial RESET has already begun with Turkey clean-up and Deutsche Bank rescue. Numerous danger zones and hot spots have cropped up, each a major crisis area on the glorious road to the Gold Standard. It is the inevitable solution, surely to be adopted even by the Basel group of franchise central banks. This time around the entire globe is participating with national breakdowns in the crisis. Call it the Everything Bond Bubble or the Systemic Lehman Event. The Chinese are using very clever financial tactics which include a Debt-Trap Diplomacy game, using USTBonds for extended credit. The Chinese seem to be planning to use the RMB in a caretaker role, intended to move away from the King Dollar while moving toward the Gold Standard.